STAR BUILDERS CONCERTS are the first MISSION of FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS, LLC. and the actually purpose of the fantastic military tours.  To develop, promote and support new and rising entertainers through concerts and broadcasting. 

The STAR BUILDER is the brainchild of Dennis M. Butts a Vietnam Veteran who was awarded three Purple Hearts in nine months as a Scout Forward Observer with Delta Battery 212 attached to the famed First Battalion Ninth Marines 1/9 The Walking Dead, to develop a resource for active duty, veterans, active duty members family veterans’ families, Law Enforcement members and first responder to have a major way to expose and present their talents in the music field to a worldwide audience through in person on stage concerts as well as national and international broadcasting.

Concert are Approximately 3-4 hours in length and will be broadcast worldwide over our live streaming CDN networks. 

WORLDGATE FOUNDATION will present a full scholarship to the family of a fallen at each concert. HVCC ENERGY GROUP, INC. will also present a full 4 year scholarship for music or a album development, promotion and production contract to the winner of the Battle of Talent (f active duty who are eligible under the military at that time and if not will that scholarship or contract will be held till discharge).