10-17-2021  Dennis M. Butts Founder & Executive Managing Member  has now positioned the company to develop the mission of FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS, LLC. to its fullest by implementing the STAR BUILDER CONCERTS for the military, law enforcement and first responder and their families. 

10-13-2021 FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS, LLC. filed for D.U.N.S Government  DUNS number.  Awarded 10-14-2014 D.U.N.S NUMBER 118354478 Government


9-22-2021 Mr. Butts  announced that FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS is now working with Fort Bragg to develop the TOUR for the base on the 4th of July 2022.

9-28-2021 FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS, LLC is now fully filed with Delaware as a LINITED LIABILITY COMPANY.  File Number 6266757

8-30-2021  Honor Valor Courage Corporation ( HVCC Promotion Group ) and Wild Card Development, LLC. signed the Agreement in Principle for the FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS.  

8-24-2021  First ZOOM meeting was held on the FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS

10-14-2021 FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS, LLC awarded exclusive contract to provide all concerts and music entertainment for WorldGate Community International Corporation and WorldGate Community International  TONGA project for the KINGDOM OF TONGA in the South Pacific.  The project will involve a Five Star 1000 rooms luxury hotel, 350 Luxury Villas, 6 Ultra Luxury Estate Villas,, conventions center, ballrooms, 200 luxury suites, 100,000 sq. ft. secured data center wit SCIF, 100 bed medical center, retail shops, broadcasting studios, 100,000 sq. ft. entertainment centers for concerts and shows, full marina with 200 slips which can accommodate yachts up to 200 feet, complete harbor and port for cruise ships which can accommodate up to four cruise lines with up to 16,000 of passenger a day, complete fully equipped medical center for emergency and special procedures for high end clients, complete refueling center for ships with 10-2.5 million gallon tanks each a total of 25,000,000 gallons a month and a LNG Storage and Relay Center with 100 million MT of LNG Storage that will be the envy of the entire South Pacific.

8-30-2021 ZOOM meeting was held regarding the TOUR with additional members and we established and assigned duties and procedures for each group and established that time for meeting to be every other week. Next meeting is on 9-14-2021 

9-14-2021  Mr. Butts and the COMMITTEE held it second meeting for the organization of the tour. The meeting was attended by over 12 members of the COMMITTEE. Mr. Butts announced that the website was now active. Mr. Butts also announced that HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION will be providing contracts for the on-base talents as well as full ride scholarships to colleges or universities for music to base talent who win the best of the best talent at each FOR YOU ! MILITARY MUSIC TOURSconcert.. 

9-24-2021 FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS has filed with the state of Delaware Corporation Commission as a Limited Liability Company. Mr. Butts Chairman of Honor Valor Courage Corporation will assume the position of Executive Managing Director for FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS and Honor Valor Courage Corporation is the Executive Member Interest holder of 51% of the FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOUR. Memberships will be available to interested parties. 

11-08-2021 Mr. Butts Executive Managing Partner received the official notice that FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS, LLC. was assigned a CAGE NUMBER by SAM.gov and DEFENSE LOGISTIC AGENCY D.U.N.S Number 118354478 Government Defense Logistics Agency CAGE CODE 118354478 / CG1QR9B7L1N5 / 974A1 UNDER THE NAICS CODE 711310 Promoters of Performing Arts, Sports, and Similar Events without Facilities is a final level code of the “ Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation ”  We are also listed as a SDVOSB Service Disabled Veteran Own Small Business  and a VOB Veteran Owned Business .  This make FOR YOU1 MILITARY MUSIC TOURS, LLC. a fully eligible company for government contracts for concerts and musical appearances awards and set asides. 

10-22-2021 Mr. Butts Executive Managing Member announced the completion of filing for SAM.gov registration as a Veterans Owned and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Company which now places FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS, LLC. in a very unique position to receive contract awards for concerts and music programing for DOD. (Department of Defense)