Establish prime base location
Development of potential sponsorship
Establish potential secondary base location
Develop available talent for FOR YOU! Base on desire to do the tours but not detailed time and location
Begin negotiation with potential sponsorship Title and Broadcasting
Development of talent base of location
Confirm talent for base indicated with conformations letter
Inform bases of confirmed talent for that base showing conformations letter
Do formal proposal for FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSI TOURS, LLC to Base.
Receive formal approval for FOR YOU! MILITAR MUSIC TOURS, LLC from base command and MWR.
Begin signing title sponsorships and advertising deals and beginning deposit in escrow account.
Began development of contract with confirmed base and base legal
Begin development of Talent contract for confirmed base
RECEIVE final contracts with approval for both base and talent.
Begin review of sponsorship and advertising legal review of MWR requirements from our compliance team
Begin the development of agreement to present products in POST EXCHANGE on base for products to be sold including album which must comply under the SPONSORSHIP and ADVERTISING Desk Reference Manual of MWR at each base.
Develop Satellite broadcasting contract for that base with PSSI and ISBN.LIVE
Do broadcasting satellite uplink testing from base with base communication command.
Development of full security program and plan for FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS with law enforcement and Military Police Command.
Development and sign agreement with local law Enforcement agencies for escort from airports or incoming Tour Buses.
Finalized all Sponsorship and Advertising from TITLE SPONSORS.
Begin developing local sponsorships.
Begin development of IN-KIND sponsorship for Broadcasting insert advertising.
Develop final date to receive sponsorship video and advertising for broadcasting for satellite and livestreaming input.
Development of On-Site sponsorship and advertising for compliance under MWR Sponsorship and Advertising requirements.
Begin marketing to Veterans Organizations for Open House programs as fundraisers for the Veterans Organizations and Fold of Honor to receive the broadcast by CDN and livestreaming.
Approval of Sponsorship and Advertising from MWR and base legal.
Approval from Base Communication for satellite uplink.
Approval from MRW and Base POST EXCHANGE to place sponsors products in POST EXCHANGE.
Approval from MWR to place HVCC PROMOTION TEAMS in POST EXCHANGE for demonstrations of products.
Approval from base Military Police or Shore Patrol for security plan.
Approval from local law enforcement for talent escort.
Other as may be required per base.
Go Live



*Development to begin on Album to be sold FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS, LLC.
*Contract signed for album studio.
*Contract developed and signed for album talent and studio.