There are 102 HVCC Schools in the HBCU networks and the FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS, LLC. will plan to have concerts or appearances at each and everyone in the next 5 years. Check back often to see where the FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS will be at your HBCU School. 

HBCU HERO concert series for HBCU schools to celebrate and honor the great black military from the various HBCU schools such as the famed Tuskegee Airman and Massachusetts Fifty-fourth Regiment. This mission will be lead by Mr. Zerion Turlington and Mr. Michael Brown. Mr. Butts through his own combat experience and knowledge of great black war fighters in Vietnam understands the huge contribution black military enlisted and officers played in Vietnam and every other war. 

This program is still being developed at this time and is expected to begin in the winter semester  2022 at HVCC schools.  The Concerts or Musical Appearances by amazing talent will include full broadcasting produced by FULL CIRCLE GROUP over the ISBN.LIVE, THEVETERANS.LIVE, NOWIUNDERSTAND.LIVE over our LIVESTEAM CDN NETWORKS to hundreds of millions of viewers.