Dennis M. Butts is a highly requested speaker on the effects of war on our troops, veterans, and their families.

Mr. Butts is a three time Purple Heart Recipient and a 2013 All American Hero Awardee. Mr. Butts speaks from experience, of his own as well, as his interactions with combat veterans over the past forty-six years. Mr. Butts began speaking to civic organizations regarding his experiences in the early seventies.

As the years progressed, so did the different wars our troops were involved in and the issues they were encountering. Companies, schools, and other organizations began to want to know more about the combat experience the troops faced on a daily basis. Mr. Butts became a resource for that information.

Through his business involvements, he met many Generals, Senior-Level Officers and NCOs, who were active duty or retired and formed many lifelong relationships. These relationships, gave Mr. Butts the unique understanding into the inter-workings and plannings that took and have taken place on the battle field. This is an area he did not have knowledge of as a Lance Corporal F.O./ R.O. in Vietnam. He was a rabbit in the grass. These contacts also allowed Mr. Butts to develop relationships within the military communities and become very involved in how our troops and veterans operate on a day to day basis.

Mr. Butts thanks all the amazing military personnel who he has drawn so much knowledge from and their support of his efforts to inform others as to the world our combat veterans, troops and families faced and face today.

Mr. Butts felt someone needed to tell the story of what combat is really like, to allow people to ask questions and get a true understanding of combat, to be able to relate with our veterans, students, employees and loved ones.  Hence, he developed a series of seminars, lectures and mentoring programs that could be utilized to aid the troops, veterans and their families."Now I Understand" is the result of all his experiences and knowledge of combat troops that Mr. Butts gains on a day to day basis.

​Mr. Butts is the Chairman of HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION, COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION, NATIONAL VETERANS EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE, VETERANS NATIONAL CENTER & TECNOLOGY EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE and several other corporation and academies  which are dedicated to the education and advancement of our veterans. Mr. Butts is also works with veterans to build businesses for the veterans to have interest in the companies and equity ownership with the veterans. Mr. Butts is available to advise and consult with veterans on business issues on the HVCC VCC Center. 

Mr. Butts is also a very sought after motivational speaker to veterans groups, reserve unites, military and high schools, do not only to his combat experience, but for his own athletic and competitive body building career and his training knowledge. 

Mr. Butts does Body Building Expos around the country to draw attention to Veteran's issues from the fitness, body building and gym community.  He is known as an inspiration to all who have ever train with him or have seen him train at The Underground in Altoona, PA, Golds Gym, World Gyms or any of the other gyms where he has and still trains.  

Mr. Butts The AGELESS ONE is an Ambassador for Physique Bodyware.


Mr. Butts known as "D" served as a scout forward observer out of Delta Battery Second Battalion Twelfth Marines (2/12) attached to First Battalion Ninth Marines the Famed Walking Dead. Mr. Butts was awarded three Purple Heart Medals among other medals and awards while fighting in the DMZ. Mr. Butts served at Con Thien and Gio Linh the two most forward positions (OP1 and OP2) in South Viet Nam with Delta Battery 2/12. Mr. Butts was wounded for the first time at Gio Linh and remained operational at Gio Linh after returning to Delta Battery. After being wounded for the second time at Con Thien, Mr. Butts served as a radio operator handling incoming fire missions from his counterpart forward observers in the Fire Direction Control bunker with Delta Battery 2/12. Mr. Butts was wounded for the third time while at Con Thien while trying to reestablish radio communications for the battery and was caught in the open while under heavy enemy artillery fire.

Mr. Butts was sent home after the third Purple Heart at the age of twenty after nine months of continues combat and finished his tour in the Marines at Quantico Marine Corp base and an instructor with the Artillery Demonstration Battery training new Marine Artillery Officers.

Semper Fi
Dennis Michael Butts
National Purple Heart Hall of Honor
Three Purple Heart Awardee 
All American Hero Awardee  
Presidential Unit Citation Awardee 3rd Marines I Corp 
Vietnam Unit Cross of Gallantry  "Combat Award"
Scout Forward Observer "FO"
Con Thien and Gio Linh Survivor
United States Marine Corps, Vietnam Combat Veteran  



Founder/Executive Chairman/Chairman, Board of  Directors
Principal Equity Holder
Principal Intellectual Property Holder

Executive Managing Member-HVCC Family of Companies (34 Division)
Principal Intellectual Property and Equity Holder-

Veterans National Center & Technology Educational Institute, Chairman
Honor Valor Courage Institute, Inc.  Chariman  
WorldGate Community International Corporation-Chairman
WorldGate Veterans Communities, LLC. Founder, Executive Managing Director 
LNG Consortium Project, LLC.-Executive Managing Director

Motivational Speaker/Lecturer/Writer/Seminar Presenter